Tuesday, January 18, 2011

scary movie not even scary

An example of satire is the movie Scary Movie.
The movie Scary Movie is an example of satire because of its irony, and sarcasm in it. During the movie they make fun of all different types of movies. It's movie scenes that are not the actually one, it is just a goofy version of it. For example the movie Saw, when their all chained up to the wall, they need to find the saw to cut off their leg to get out of the room, but in Scary Movie Dr. Phil is chained up and he finds the saw, and he starts to cut off his foot. Once he's done, he realizes that he cut the wrong foot off. Now he would have to cut the other one off too. Thats the sarcasm, and irony in it. That is not what actually happened in the movie Saw.

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